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Catch the hottest stock on the media; Scan the market reaction: Plan your move. This is trading to the next level.

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Catch the hottest stock on the media,

from talk to trend.

Number of tweets, published news & influential personalities

These are the big numbers on our radar. We track them live to show you the trendiest stock.

We listen to what they say to smarten up your trade.

This means eavesdropping the web to make sense of the public sentiment of every stock.

Stay on top of what matters most. The dominant "Sentiment” of the media is a predictive tool to identify possible market catalysts.


Sentiment vs Reality

It's all about the correlation.

Track the link between what’s happening in the stock market and what’s being said on the web. You bet it’s not just gossip.


Here are the figures that can never miss: the basics.

We know what you are looking for and it’s all here.

Key indicators from the most reliable databases on the web combined with our proprietary social media analytics equals perfection.

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Predicted Move
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Stock Price
Price / Earnings

And then…

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